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Thomas Lee Bridegroom. (April 22, 1982 - May 7, 2011)

iMusicDaily Founder Thomas Lee Bridegroom Passes Away.

iMusicDaily.com founder Tom Bridegroom passed away this past weekend due to an extremely tragic accident.

Tom gained popularity hosting MTV’s The X Effect in 2007.

He has appeared in numerous television commercials and print ads since he moved to Los Angeles in 2004.

Tom’s passion for music inspired him to create iMusicDaily.com in the beginning of 2008.

Anyone that was lucky enough to meet Tom knew that he truly lived each day of his life to the fullest.

We are going to miss everything about Tom, especially his laugh, and his smile.

Tom will be laid to rest in his hometown, Knox, Indiana within the next 5 days, and there will be a memorial service in Los Angeles for everyone that isn’t able to attend the funeral.

The memorial in Los Angeles is set to take place on June 25th.

We miss you Tom.

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories that we will never forget.

The Tragic Death of Actor Tom Bridegroom Leaves Hollywood Speechless

The tragic and sudden passing of actor Tom Bridegroom has left many in Hollywood shocked.

The actor and personality was commonly known for his work as co-host on MTV’s The X-Effect, but it was Tom’s off screen persona that captured the hearts of so many.

Comical, welcoming and genuinely kind hearted, Bridgegroom was anything but your typical Hollywood stereotype.

Having spent many of his days in Hollywood as an agent at the iconic ACME Talent & Literary Agency, Tom ambitiously dabbled between modeling, acting, hosting and talent representation.

Charismatic and brightly talented, there was no doubt that this bright eyed boy from Indiana would soon take over entertainment.

On Saturday, May 7th (2011), the day before Mother’s Day, Tom was photographing a model on top of a building in Silverlake, CA when he stepped back a tad too far tragically falling to his death. He was 29 years old.

 A Facebook memorial page has been established in his memory which states that the actor will be laid to rest in Indiana with an additional memorial in Los Angeles, tentatively scheduled for June 11th.

An administrator for the memorial page writes:
            “We want to let you know that Tom’s mother, Martha Bridegroom, is planning Tom’s funeral arrangements and he will be laid to rest in his home state of Indiana. The Los Angeles memorial will bring together anyone and everyone who will not be able to attend the memorial in Indiana.”

So sad!

Rest In Peace, Mr. Bridegroom.

You’ll be missed dearly by so many.

It’s so wrong that Shane was not allowed to attend the funeral.

As his friend Simon Curtis tweeted.

What is almost even more tragic is learning that his boyfriend of over 6 years, Shane, was not allowed to attend the funeral…

…or even so much as be allowed to say goodbye properly…